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Dear customers,

Over the last few days we have received a lot of questions about the Trixie tableware items that contain bamboo. Please allow us to provide you with more information on this topic below.

Until recently, both we as supplier and the authorities were not aware that cutlery that is manufactured from a combination of melamine and bamboo is not welcome on the European market. Our common misconception was that we considered bamboo to be a type of wood; and on the European market an exception had been made for items made out of wood. However, rather than being a kind of wood, Bamboo is in fact a kind of grass, which means the exception did not apply.

Despite this difference in origin of the materials used (grass vs wood), the final product did pass all the necessary tests that products need to meet. Partly because of that fact, the FASFC, in consultation with the Dutch and Luxembourg food agencies, has ruled that the products that were already sold are safe for further use, provided that a number of instructions for use are followed to avoid exposure to excessively high temperatures:

  • Do not use this product in the microwave
  • Do not use this product for hot beverages or hot meals (there is no risk with use for cold or lukewarm food).
  • Preferably wash this cutlery by hand. Be careful with very hot programs on the dishwasher.
  • Look for signs of wear (dull appearance ...) and replace if damaged.

At Trixie we put safety first, which is why we instantly halted the sale of bamboo cutlery and recalled the product from all our European stores. We care deeply about quality and durability and will continue to set the bar high in order to provide you with the high quality products you have come to expect from Trixie