Due to a safety problem, the company MELLIS recalls the following product:

 Recall pacifier clips Trixie


SKU: xx-073

Brand: Trixie / Les Rêves d’Anaïs


The entire collection of pacifier clips is withdrawn from the marketing; however, some of these products have been marketed before the withdrawal measure.

The reasons of this recall, following specifications of norm BS EN 12586 :2007 +A1 :2011, are:

  • Finger traps risk: the gap between the strap and fastener must be below 5.5mm; gap on our pacifiers is of 6mm
  • Risk of strangulation: the pacifier must have a maximal length of 220mm; our pacifier length is of 239mm
  • The metal clip must resist to 5 drops of a 1kg mass from a height of 10cm above the highest point of the article; our pacifier did not resist after the 4th impact.

Customers who have purchased this product are advised not to use it and to return it to their point of sales.


Mellis is available to customers who may have additional questions via: info@trixie-baby.com


*** Effective until 31/07/17 ***