“Let's be Fit & Awesome, all together” is Laura's motto. During her pregnancy with Vik, she found it very important to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Wondering how she did it? Below, Laura shares her 5 golden tips! 

Meet Laura aka @befitbeawesome

Mum of: Vik   
Belgian author of 3 lifestyle books 



Don't be afraid to keep moving throughout the day.

You don't necessarily have to commit to intense exercise (especially if you weren't doing that before you were pregnant!) but keep active throughout the day. Any physical activity is better than no activity at all. Were you used to exercising and moving around before your pregnancy? Then you can basically continue this during your pregnancy, as long as it feels good and you don't experience any troubling symptoms.  

The message here is to listen to your body! 

Be conscious of your food intake during pregnancy

You're probably familiar: “pregnancy cravings”, some women don't have them, others crave the weirdest combinations. And these are often not the healthiest either. In that case, try to cater to this with healthy alternatives.   

Are you craving sweet? Go for a piece of fruit, bake a healthy banana cake or go for other healthy baked goods.   

Craving savoury? Save that packet of crisps for the weekend. During the week, opt for a handful of nuts, some salted crackers or maybe some sliced veggies with a dip. 

In short; if you look for nutritious options, you will find that you will be more satiated by these. These options are also much better for your baby, so try to eat less sweets, biscuits and junk.  

Try to eat small portions spread throughout the day instead of one big meal 3 times a day. This is because your stomach and intestines come under more pressure during your pregnancy. This way, you ensure easy and better digestion.

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 TIP: Forget about the myth that "you have to eat for 2" and don't eat more during your pregnancy than you usually would. 

Hydrate during pregnancy

Try to drink at least 1.5 litres of fluid a day: water, tea without sugar, coffee and, if you like, milk. You need this for yourself but also for your growing baby and the amniotic fluid in which your baby resides. Avoid sugary drinks like juice and soft drinks, and of course alcohol too.

Extra vitamins during pregnancy

From before conception and during the first 3 months of your pregnancy, you can look for a suitable pregnancy vitamin such as omnibionta pronatal (+). This contains extra vitamins such as DHA, EPA (omega 3 fatty acids) and additional supporting vitamins. Your GP or midwife will advise you on this at the start of your pregnancy. 

Avoid stress & allow yourself extra rest!

Extra rest during pregnancy is very important. You are literally growing a little baby and that requires a lot of strength and energy. Is your diet right, but are you not getting enough rest? Or vice versa? Then sooner or later you will experience the negative effects of that during your pregnancy. The two are inextricably linked. So allow yourself breaks during the day and in the evening. Yes, even at work or during work. Your colleagues or boss will understand if you lean back and close your eyes for 15 minutes... Find moments of relaxation in the day such as reading a book, taking a bath... something that will relax you. Book a pregnancy massage! That works wonders 😉  

Try to avoid stress. It is best to avoid situations that cause you stress or to cancel activities that make you think 'this is going to cost me so much energy'. Now is not the time to let your FOMO speak; the message here is 'dare to say no'. Now more than ever. Listen to your body and tackle your stressors or power drains. Is a friend making you feel agitated because she thinks you are not spending enough time with her? Talk to her and explain your situation and why it's not convenient right now. Do you have piles of work you can't get through? Ask for help.