Fun children’s tableware from sustainable materials

Mealtimes are now twice as much fun with our colourful range of silicone and plant-based children’s tableware. With this cheerful animal gang and their bright colours at the table, every meal becomes a feast.  

The range of silicone tableware for kids includes a plate, bowl, mug, spoon and sippy cup. All items are available in different cute animals that can't wait to share a delicious meal with you and your family. 

Silicone is a non-breakable material and can be used in the microwave, dishwasher, freezer and oven. The 100% food grade silicone meets all European safety standards.

The range of plant-based children’s tableware includes a plate, bowl, mug, spoon and fork. Each product is available in a set, which consists of two different colours that beautifully match each other. This way, you create a cosy atmosphere at the table!  

Plant-based plastic, or PLA, is made from renewable, biological resources instead of petroleum. The material is recyclable and biodegradable under industrial conditions. It is LFGB proof and contains no BPA or melamine.

Handy cutlery and tableware for kids

The beautiful colour combinations and cheerful animals of the kids' cutlery sets & tableware bring a sparkle of fantasy to the table. All items are cleverly designed just so that each product stimulates the imagination and meets all functional requirements.  

The plate has a high rim to make it easier for small children to scoop up food. 

The wide handles on the bowl are useful for feeding your little one or come in handy when children start holding the bowl themselves. 

The spouted cup is the perfect item to make the transition between a bottle and an open cup. The regular cup is the ideal size for toddlers.  

The handy kids' cutlery sets & tableware are perfect for getting children to eat independently, teaching toddlers to eat and giving babies solid food. 

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