Bowling set

Bowling set for kids: playful learning

Put all the pins in their place and roll that ball! This classic game with soft pins and a colourful ball means hours of fun for the whole family. Aren't you curious to see how many pins will fall when it's your child's turn?

This bowling set for kids is both a game and a learning tool. It trains hand-eye coordination and increases children's ball skills. The numbers teach your child to count to 5, while the colours stimulate visually. 

A bowling set for kids with many colours, shapes and sounds

Mr. Lion is the king of the game! He rattles and has cute labels that even the smallest fingers can play with. The soft ball also has a rattle that jingles happily when it bounces around the house! With a little imagination, you can come up with an endless variety of games. That is why the bowling set for kids is such a popular gift! 

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