Stacking toys

Educational stacking toys

With our varied range of stacking toys, your little one will have hours of educational fun! Learning while stacking, who will stack along?The wooden stacking animals challenge children's spatial awareness and coordination skills, as your little one tries to stack them as shown on the cards. 

The base of the wooden stacking tower wobbles, providing an extra challenge when stacking! This stacking tower improves hand-eye coordination and stimulates fine motor skills, while children playfully learn to recognise different shapes and colours.

The goal of the stackable tumbler toy is to stack all the elements in the right order, with the head at the top. These stacking toys promote fine motor skills and logical thinking and are a fun way for your little one to learn about different materials, textures and sounds. 

The different themes on each side of the 10 colourful stacking blocks offer playful ways to learn! Your little one can stack the blocks, make a fun animal puzzle, sort the blocks by size, learn to count or name objects! 

Sustainable stacking toys

The wooden stacking toys, like the wooden stacking tower and the wooden stacking animals are made of high quality 100% FSC © certified beech wood. All paints are water based and safe for babies. The stacking blocks are made of strong FSC © cardboard and are printed with soy ink.