thermal lunchbags

A playful and handy thermal lunch bag for your little one

Your child's favourite hot or cold lunch in a thermal lunch bag that has their favourite animal friend! The floppy ears have a playful effect, and the handle makes the bag portable and compact. The thermal lunch bag has a large zipper so that your child can open and close it with ease.

There is also a name tag on the inside, so that your child will have no trouble finding their lunch buddy.

An insulated lunch bag for a delicious hot or cold lunch

Because it is insulated, this lunch bag will keep your lunch either warm or cold. The lunch bag also has a waterproof coating on the outside!

There is also a separate pocket at the back of the insulated lunch bag; ideal for a cookie or piece of fruit that does not need to be kept at temperature.

The Trixie water bottle and lunch box fit perfectly in this cute insulated lunch bag. This means that your little one can enjoy a tasty lunch accompanied by our animal friends!