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We all make choices on a daily basis to safeguard the playground of our existing and future children. So do we when designing new items so that you can enjoy the cutest products. Our dream, of course, is for these products to completely meet your wishes and needs, which is why we need you! We're looking for people who are interested in evaluating our products, assisting us in the quest for innovation and helping us understand the needs of you & your child.

Are you the right person for our Trixie Tribe?

What should you expect as a Triber, or member of the Trixie Tribe?

As a loyal Triber, you'll be helping us build our brand and products. Your opinion is crucial in this respect so that we can optimize our products before launching them on the market.

We'll regularly invite you to find out more about our novelties or to take part in surveys. Obviously, you decide whether you're interested and/or have time to evaluate these new products. Occasionally, you'll also be given the opportunity to take delivery of and test products.

You'll then fill in a survey while we ensure that your honest feedback is properly processed. We will then take this feedback on board for further developments. Last but not least, there'll be a surprise gift for you in return!

Important to know:

We're entrusting you with our future, and this involves a lot of confidential information. That’s why you should never share this with your friends/family or on social media. We expect discretion regarding our new products, news and marketing campaigns so that these remain a surprise for everyone. Obviously, this discretion works both ways, which is why we'll never pass on your data to third parties. We'll only ever use this information to improve our products and campaigns.