music mobiles

A music mobile as part of your baby's routine

Music has a beneficial effect on your baby's development. It calms your little one and gives them a foothold during every ritual. Babies love routine, it makes them feel safe and secure. When you add a familiar music mobile to your bedtime routine, they will soon associate the gentle music with sleep. Positive associations help your child to rest more easily. 

A pull string music toy; a favourite for every baby

Our pull string music toy is available in different colours and designs! 

Your favourite animal friends are of course here! The playful design, a mirror on the back and the soothing music will bring your little one some much needed calm after a busy day.

Also available are the heart and star-shaped music toys; in the different colours bliss, ribble, diamond and grain. This soothing pull string music toy will lull your child gently to sleep to the tune of 'Baby mine' from the Disney film Dumbo. Who wouldn't want to start their dreams with a lullaby from Disney?

Mr. Heron, Mr. Whale and Mr. Camel from the knitted toy collection are also available as pull string music toy and their softness and pureness will delight your little one.