mini backpacks

A mini backpack for kids for great adventures!

This mini backpack for kids can accompany your little one on his or her adventures. Think of a trip to the swimming pool, playing sports, going to the playground and much more. The cheerful animal friends always accompany your little one on their adventures!

Surprise your little one by filling their mini backpack for kids with their favourite animal friends, such as a thermal lunch bag, mini water bottle, toiletry bag, towel, pencil case, or any other items that might come in handy on their adventure!

A small backpack for kids, designed to the smallest detail

The drawstring closure is easy to use even for the smallest fingers. Your little one can easily take something out of the small backpack for kids and close it up again so that all the contents stay neatly tucked away.

The water-repellent coating protects the small backpack for kids against possible raindrops on any adventure.