activity playmats

A versatile activity mat for hours of fun!

This activity mat with two arcs and three fun toys will provide hours of fun for every little one. The versatility of this activity mat is extensive: from the mirror, teething ring, wooden rings, rattle, crinkle paper, fun labels to the floppy ears with different soft textures.

The playful combination of all these shapes, sounds and colours stimulates your little one's senses in a playful way. 

Playful learning on a comfortable activity play mat 

The soft activity play mat allows your baby to develop in a comfortable and safe way! The colours stimulate visual perception, while the toys invite your child to reach out and grab them, promoting hand-eye coordination and motor skills. Through the crackling paper, your little one learns that something crackles when touched. All the shapes and colours of this activity play mat will help your little one discover all sorts of things about the world around them!