cape & mask

Let your imagination run wild with our animal cape and mask for kids!

These cheerful capes and masks spark the boundless imagination of children. With this cape and mask, kids dive into their own world full of imagination and playfully develop their social and cognitive skills. Hours of fun are guaranteed with 5 animals to choose from, each sparking creativity in a different way. 

This cape and mask allows kids to change into their favourite animal!

Nothing is more fun than a fancy dress party! The cape has an easy Velcro fastening and the mask an adjustable elastic band. This way, kids can easily exchange their costume and/or mask, to get funny combinations! 

Each animal has different characteristics; think of Mrs. Rabbit's long ears, the trunk of Mrs. Elephant or the tail of Mr. Lion. The colours add an extra playful touch, such as the bright orange of Mr. Fox or Mr. Polar Bear's soft green.