Sustainable, protective and playful kids’ caps

These kids' caps are the perfect protection for your little one on a sunny summer day! The brim in the front keeps the sun out of your child's face. The floppy ears and playful colours will put everyone in a good mood.

The kids' caps are made of a cotton blend of 50% recycled cotton and 50% cotton. By using recycled cotton, we want to reduce textile waste.

To guarantee the quality and the durable character of our products, the recycled cotton is combined with regular cotton. This way, we get a quality product that can be passed on to brothers, sisters and/or friends for years to come!

Beastly fun for children with these caps

Children can adjust the size of the caps with the Velcro strap at the back. Each cap is available in 3 sizes and a wide variety of different animals, where the print, colour and floppy ears are distinct for each animal! This makes the kids’ caps suitable for both boys and girls. Who will your little one take for company on a sunny summer day: Mr. Fox, Mr. Polar Bear, Mr. Lion, Mrs. Elephant or Mrs. Rabbit?