This baby comforter toy is the perfect friend for your little one

The snuggly baby comforter toy has a soft and friendly face that will gladly come along for all first adventures! These will accompany your child everywhere, because these soothing animal toy blankies love nothing more than to cocoon with your little one. Babies can doze off peacefully with the cuddly head of the soft baby comforter by their side. 

A cuddly organic comforter that your little one will never lose sight of 

The handy knot allows you to tie your little one's soother to its trusty security blanket. This way the two faithful companions are inseparable both day and night. 

The little pocket at the front of the organic comforter allows you to safely tuck the dummy away any time. This way, your little one's favourite security blanket will keep the soother safe until it’s time for the next cuddle.