For every baby and toddler; handy bibs!

Protect the outfit of every baby and toddler with these handy bibs. This nice collection of bibs has a print of your favourite animal friend. There is a choice of 6 animals to take to the table. 

Looking for bibs without an animal friend? There are also baby and toddler bibs available in the different Trixie collections; prints, ribble, bliss, diamond and stripes. 

The bandana bib is just big enough to protect your little one's clothes and adds a cheerful touch to their outfit. The bandana bib is of course available in all Trixie collections.

The bib XL is a large, soft bib with a nice striped detail and is made in beautiful colours. Each set contains 2 bibs in a different colour. The strings on the bibs make that they fit perfectly on both babies and toddlers. 

To complete the look, you can combine these lovely baby and toddler bibs with the utensils made of bioplastic. The colours of the bibs and the cutlery are beautifully matched, resulting in a stunning table setting. There are 4 different colour sets available. 

Silicone bibs for babies and toddlers catch any spills

Our silicone bibs for babies and toddlers consist of two layers of fabric, a layer of cotton with a layer of terry cloth underneath. Very absorbent and easy to clean in your washing machine. All ready for meal time! 

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