A handy kids backpack

Our handy and fun kids backpack is all decked out with an efficient design. The backpacks have large pendants on the zippers for easy opening and closing and a name tag on the inside. A zippered pocket on the front is ideal for storing small items. The chest strap, adjustable shoulder straps, practical size and light weight ensure that your toddler or preschooler enjoys optimum carrying comfort. 

Our cheerful animal friends are ready to join your toddler or preschooler for a trip to the swimming pool, sportsfield, summercamp, or to explore the playground! Discover the whole range of kids’ backpacks with all different animals. 

Your toddler can pick from an array of ideal backpacks

The ideal toddler backpacks to see your little one off to pre-school or kindergarten with a good feeling.

Before school, they will no doubt proudly pack their pencil case, lunch bag and water bottle featuring the same animal design as our animal backpacks.

Looking for a different kids backpack, but with your toddler's favourite animal prints? Check out our mini backpacks, book bags, gym bags and weekend bags!