plush animals

Our animal friends come to life as plush animals made of organic cotton!

These plush animals are eager to cuddle with your little one. The best playmate by day, a gentle friend by night and the perfect comfort at any time. 

These plush toys are unique because of the sustainable fabrics and the design of our cheerful, colourful animals. The plush animals are made of 100% organic cotton with GOTS certificate. This means you can be sure that these playmates do not contain any harmful substances. Since we prioritise sustainability, we have filled their bellies with 100% recycled polyester. This soft stuffing gives the plush animals their funny, distinctive look.

You can choose from a whole range of animals, all of which are available in the sizes small (26 cm) and large (38 cm).  The stuffed animals have a lot of expression because you can put their cute bodies and flexible arms and legs in the craziest positions. They are not only fun to cuddle, but also look great in the children's room. Combine the plush animals with items from the same range or matching colours.