Unique decorative kids' cushion in the typical Trixie style

Give your nursery that finishing touch, or add a nice accent to the baby's corner with our soft and playful decorative cushions. Each kids’ cushion is a unique eye-catcher that completes the nursery! 

Cushions for a cosy bunch of animals in the children's room

The kids' cushion with animal print is also very nice when combined with the matching poster of the same animal.  The animals love to keep your child company and the cushions make for a colourful and cheerful nursery. 

A nice corner in the nursery full of decorative pillows

Combine several decorative cushions to create a nice corner in the nursery where your child can retreat to play and snuggle. 

Place the decorative kids’ cushion under the beautifully draped bed canopy and let your imagination run wild in an imaginative reading corner. What a pleasure to read between the cushions under this dreamy canopy!