Squeaky toys for kids for hours of discovery and fun

Our animal friends are available in squeaky toys for kids! The playful look, striking colours and fun squeaky sounds ensure hours of fun, playing and exploring. Even the smallest hands can grasp this little flexible friend. When you squeeze this rattle, it emits a short, loud squeak. 

These squeaky rattle toys for kids will challenge and stimulate your little one's senses every day, in a playful way. 

The soft squeaky rattle in the shape of a giraffe or rabbit rattles pleasantly and makes a squeaky noise when your little one pushes on it. Its long neck is ideal for little baby hands to grasp. These squeaky toys for kids are available in different colours and prints.

Mr. Heron, Mr. Whale and Mr. Camel from the knitted toys collection are also available as squeaky rattle toys for kids and will delight your little one with their softness and purity.