This baby comforter makes the perfect friend for your little one!

The cuddly baby comforter has a soft and friendly face; you can share all your first adventures! Your child will be accompanied everywhere, because this animal baby comforter loves nothing more than to cocoon with your little one. Babies can doze off peacefully with the soft cloth and cuddly head made of 100% organic cotton by their side. Sounds like a dream, doesn't it?

The cuddly baby comforter is available in different colours and designs! Think of our favourite animal friends, cuddly knitted blankets, and the koala and kangaroo in the soothing bliss colours.

An organic comforter that your little one will never lose sight of!

The handy knot allows you to hang your little one's pacifier on its reliable security blanket! This way, the two faithful companions are inseparable both day and night.

The little pocket on the front of the organic comforter ensures that you can always store the pacifier safely. This way, your little one's reliable security blanket will keep the dummy safe until the next cuddle!

Be sure to also discover our pacifier holder, which can be attached to your little one's clothes with a wooden clip. Available in different colours and prints!