A baby teether toy, essential first aid for first teeth

Little ones can have a hard time when their first teeth emerge. Our baby teether toy is designed to alleviate most of this unpleasant sensation. The hard ring and soft ears offer your baby relief by satisfying their need to bite.

Here's a tip for those first teeth: Pop the baby teether toy in the fridge for a bit so it's nice and cool. The combination of coolness and different textures will help to soothe the pain and provide a little distraction. 

Fun rattle and baby teether toy

Besides being a handy baby teether toy for those new pearly whites, the ring is also a very original rattle. The fabric, which is a 100% organic, is nice and soft on babies’ skin, making it very pleasant to play with. The mix of different fabrics and colours challenges babies senses. The soft fabric on the teething ring is also perfect for cuddling when your little one gets sleepy.