Trendy protection; park crib bumper

Our park & crib bumper will ensure a soft landing when your little one tumbles. Thanks to the ribbons and handy folds, the border easily adapts to your playpen or cot.

Original and safe crib bumper

Use our crib bumper to create a pleasant place for your baby to unwind. A nest where your child is protected from all impressions and can feel completely safe. Where your little one can sleep for a while but can also explore and play. The play pen and crib bumper also protects your baby from painful bumps against the bars and is easy to install in any crib thanks to the handy tie-down ribbons.

A park bumper that turns any play pen or cot into a safe cocoon

Besides protecting your child from an unpleasant encounter with the bedposts, our park bumper ensures that your baby can easily unwind in their playpen or cot. At night, babies process all their impressions of the day. Every new skill or piece of knowledge they acquire needs to find a place in their mind. Our park bumper can help with this! By being closed off from all outside impressions for a while, your little one can unwind in a safe cocoon.