Activity spirals

An activity spiral full of colour and texture

With three playful elements to discover, this activity spiral puts a smile on every face! The spiral curls beautifully around any crib, baby chair, car seat, or pram. Thanks to its versatility, this colourful activity spiral offers a range of playful activities and turns every car journey or walk into an adventure!

A spiral activity toy that stimulates the senses in a playful way 

The three toys each have different features, such as a wooden ring, crinkle paper, a mirror and a bell. These inviting attributes of the spiral activity toy take your little one's senses on a journey of discovery and will provide hours of entertainment. 

The spiral activity toy is a very good way to playfully stimulate or improve your little one's hand-eye coordination. As all parts are attached with handy rings, they can also be easily detached for separate use.

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