pencil cases

The cheerful animal range now also has a pencil case for kids

The animal friends are already looking forward to join your little one in making colourful inventive creations. Children can keep all their pens, pencils and other drawing and craft supplies safe in the cheerful pencil case for kids.

Each pencil case print comes with a matching backpack, lunch bag, water bottle, and much more to complete your kids’ very first outfit for school.

The pencil box for kids comes in two shapes for double drawing and crafting fun

With the rectangular flat pencil box for kids you have a clear overview of all your pens, pencils or markers. Scissors, rulers and erasers can also be easily stored. In the oblong pencil case for kids you can store all your craft supplies.

All colours of the pencil case for kids go together well

This means you can combine animals to your heart's content and create fun colour palettes. For example, choose a different animal for your pens than you do for your crayons, so that you can quickly find the right pencil case when doing your crafts!

Do you have just one favourite animal friend? In that case pick the same print in both the rectangular and oblong version of pencil case for kids, and distinguish pens from crayons based on the shape of the pencil case.

A playful pencil case especially designed for partaking in the creativity of kids!

The pencil box is easy to open and close for kids thanks to the large round pendant on the zipper. This way all their drawing and craft supplies are always safely stored away!