Handy baby onesie! 

We can assure you - we apologise in advance - that these onesies will become your children's new favourites! That diaper change goes quickly and smoothly in a baby onesie. The buttons run down the legs, allowing you to open the entire bottom half to change your baby. 

A onesie for every season; with or without feet

Fiddling with jumpers that roll up and trousers that slide down is now also a thing of the past. A onesie is the ideal outfit for your inquisitive little explorer who finds it difficult to lie still. A baby onesie with short sleeves and legs is the perfect baby summer outfit. Airy and fresh, but still unique and fashionable. A long-sleeved onesie with long legs and little feet attached is the perfect outfit for any season. The soft cotton makes the baby onesie breathable but still warm enough.  

Trendy onesie of organic cotton

Don't hesitate to choose new Trixie clothes. Just like the rest of our children's clothes, this baby onesie is made of 100% organic cotton. A very conscious choice, kind to your little one's skin and the environment.  

Available from size 50/56 to 86/92, our onesies add a splash of colour to that first year of baby's life.