PLA bowl 2-pack - Olive

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Create a cosy setting at the table with these two bowls of plant-based plastic. The set comprises two different colours that match nicely. The wide handles on the bowl are handy when you feed your little one and will come in great when kids start to hold the bowl themselves. The plant-based tableware range also comprises bowls, cups and cutlery to complete your table setting. The design of this range matches the needs of young parents and children. All items are stackable, dishwasher safe and can be used for short microwave heat-ups. The plate has a high rim to make scooping easier for children learning to eat by themselves. The cup, spoon and fork are perfect for little children's hands. The range of tableware is made of plant-based plastic. This material is called PLA which stands for PolyLactic Acid. It is made from renewable, biological resources (like corn, sugar cane, agricultural waste, etc) instead of petroleum. The production of PLA uses less energy than conventional plastics and the material contains no toxins. The material can be recycled and is biodegradable under industrial circumstances. When the correct end-of-life scenario is followed, the impact on the environment is reduced to a minimum. It is LFGB proof and does not contain BPA or melamine.
75% PLA - 25% talc
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