Kids love the cheerful animal on this water bottle!

When you go out and about with kids, this playful water bottle is a must have. With a choice of cheerful animals, every little one will find their favourite companion to join them on adventures! 

A sustainable drink bottle that allows your kids to spend the day in an environmentally friendly way

The drink bottle is made especially for kids. It is made from stainless steel and is the perfect, sustainable alternative to children's disposable plastic bottles. The material is light, able to withstand any impact and does not release any toxins into the water it holds.

Due to its simplicity in design, your kids’ water bottle is easy to clean. Use a bottle brush, warm water and some dishwashing liquid.

A playful stainless steel bottle for kids and toddlers

Each water bottle with a cheerful animal face is available in 2 sizes and is therefore suitable for both toddlers and children. The small water bottle has a capacity of 350ml, the big one holds 500ml. Both bottles have a slim design so that the stainless steel bottle for kids fits comfortably in small children's hands and can easily be tucked away in a backpack or school bag.

This kids water bottle is completely leak-proof. The cap is handy and especially designed so that little hands can open and close it easily. Each bottle has a strap that makes it easy to carry or hang from a backpack.

Lost your bottle cap? Buy a new one so you can keep using the stainless steel drink bottle for kids! 

The cap has a handy drinking spout and is especially designed so that little hands can open and close it easily. The cap fits both bottle sizes; 350ml and 500ml.