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Durable products only remain durable if
you wash or clean them correctly!

Durable products only remain durable if you wash or clean them correctly! By taking good care of our sustainable products, you’re all set to preserve all unique qualities and expand the life span of the durable materials used. This allows you to use our clothes and goods longer, pass them from brother to sister (or vice versa), and in the end consume less!  

Read the most useful and surprising tips and tricks, to ensure that your child and his/her best animal friend can enjoy infinite imaginative adventures together!

Tips for pyjamas

These useful tips will extend the life spanof your pajamas and help them stay nice and soft.

  • Use washing powder instead of liquid detergent.
  • Wash your clothes inside out so that they stay nice longer.
  • If possible, dry your clothes on a line instead of in the tumble dryer.
  • Wash on low temperature.
  • Are your pyjamas too small? Pass them on to a sibling, relatives or friends.

Tips for plush animals

  • Wash at 30° .
  • Don’t tumble dry: it will affect the recycled materials on the inside .
  • Don’t dry-clean: it will shrink.
  • Bleach: don’t use bleach, because it will stain the organic cotton with white spots.

Tips for backpacks

Our backpacks are made of 100% cotton. Therefore we advise to remove spots  with just a soft cloth, a little soap and warm water. 

The backpacks are water-repellent – so they keep themselves clean. 


Tips for bottles

Our bottles are dishwasher safe, but to extend the lifetime of your water bottle, our advice is to clean them by hand with warm soapy water.

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