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Trixie toys are designed to create a playground from which imagination can take flight.  From newborns to preschoolers, children are inspired by everything around them. By choosing the right toys, you can enhance their enjoyment, as well as shape and develop their skills and abilities

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organic cotton

All our plush toys are made of 100% organic cotton. These high-quality fabrics are extremely soft and will easily endure many washes without loss of quality or colour. Being sustainably sourced, they are toxic-free and allergy friendly.


FSC® certified wood

All Trixie wooden toys have Forest Stewardship Council (FSC®) certification. This guarantees that the forestry is practiced in an environmentally responsible manner and that the wood is responsibly managed, socially beneficial, environmentally conscious and economically viable.


FSC® cardboard

Our cardboard books and games carry the FSC® label, indicating all materials are harvested from responsibly managed forests in socially responsible ways. This way, we support long-term sustainable practices, protection of workers’ rights and environmental conservation.


childproof paints

Trixie only uses safe paints for all products we make. Water-based paint is applied to our wooden toys, and we use paint made from soy ink for our cardboard products. Both types are toxic-free and child-friendly, meaning your child can hold, bite or touch their toys in complete safety.