Our engagements for an inifinite playground

The world is our playground and we want to make sure children can enjoy it to the fullest for many years to come. We believe responsible choices need to be made now in order to ensure a healthy future for our children. To give our children this future, a profound respect for the planet is crucial. We have set out a broad vision to do our part in securing the playground of children for many generations to come. This holistic approach is reflected in various areas.

 Learn all about our efforts below and join us in our journey towards securing our playground!


Trixie's promise

You can find Trixie's HQ in a tiny country in the heart of Europe, Belgium. The gate to infinite imagination. A place where an entire team works very hard to create our world full of creativity and imagination. A place where sustainability is put central in the broad sense of the word. 

We aim to inspire children's imagination. Through fun and play, children will develop a creative and open minded look at the world. This broad mindset will help kids and their parents to develop a sustainable reflex in life.   

By creating an inspiring workplace, based on the company's CROWD values, we build sustainable relationships with all the Trixie members. We surround ourselves with partners that share our vision on sustainability and also do their part in securing our children's playground. 

The productoffer also reflects our sustainable approach. We create a durable productrange with products that are longlasting and useful. We create timeless, seasonless & high quality products that fulfill a clear need of parents and/or children.  

Thanks to this holistic approach, Trixie guarantees a world of imagination, filled with sustainable and qualitative products that will appeal to both children and parents. By choosing Trixie, you invest in our engagement to build a better planet and to create infinite imagination all around the world.   



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