Fresh earthy shades

Shades of ochre combined with crisp hues of sand

Fresh earthy shades

At Trixie you find everything you need to welcome your little newborn. Create a warm cocoon with shades of ochre combined with crisp hues of sand. Let our Groovy Giraffe add some playfulness to your newborn’s imagination and start creating memories of all their firsts. Discover endless combinations with these warm colours.

Groovy Giraffe

Your tall friend with groovy dance moves.

A groovy and playful toddler bedroom

Cascades of laughter thanks to the dance moves of the Groovy Giraffe. This funny friend has the tallest neck, and is made for a million hugs. The gentle sand tones create the perfect setting for the Groovy Giraffe to dance around in. Combine the Groovy Giraffe print with, Bliss Mustard, Ribble Sand and Ribble Ochre to create a room from which imagination can take flight.

Fresh earthy shades - toddler bedroom
Sunny Spots

Combine the Sunny Spots print with Pure Ecru

Wrap your little one in sunshine! Bring warmth into your little one’s nursery room with the Sunny Spots print. This subtle print adds depth to the collection. The rich yellow is perfect for both boys and girls and adds warmth to your interior. Combine the Sunny Spots with the new Pure Ecru of the linen collection.

Trixie loves green

For the textile products we aim to use organic cotton as much as possible and pay extra attention to products that come into close contact with the skin. All our nursery & clothing fabrics are made from organic cotton, are GOTS-certified and OEKO-tex 100 certified.

Mix & match our fresh earthy shades to create a warm cocoon for your little one

Ribble Moss

Groovy Giraffe

Dreamy Dashes

Ribble Ochre

Bliss Olive

Bliss Mustard

Stripes Olive

Sunny Spots

Pure Mint

Pure Ecru

Tiny Turnip

Ribble Sand

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