Create a canopy for kids that inspires dreams!

This beautiful draped bed canopy for kids serves as a decoration for your child's room. You can transform your child's sleeping space into a dreamworld in no time. The canopy can easily be hung from the ceiling from the loop that is attached at the top. This wonderful addition will ensure wonderful dreams.

The brand new Trixie canopy is available in 3 collections; bliss olive, bliss rust & bliss grey. You can mix and match this soft kid’s bed canopy made of 100% organic cotton with other bliss products that match the colour palette. This way, you can transform your dreamy and playful room into a harmonious and soothing whole. 

Kid’s bed canopies; also for the playpen, crib or reading nook

They fit into any interior, from living room to bedroom. These kid's bed canopies not only fit heavenly over a bed, but are also great over a playpen, crib or cot.  

They are so versatile that they can even be used to create a cosy reading nook in any room. What a delight to read all snuggled up between cushions under this canopy.