Baby nests

This baby nest is the ultimate hangout for your newborn

For those first days after birth, this baby nest is the ideal place for your little one to cocoon. It is the perfect transition from mummy's tummy to the real world. The handy strap allows you to increase or decrease the size of the baby nest so that the cocoon is always just right! You can easily clean these baby nests thanks to their removable cover. 

The organic baby nest gives your baby a feeling of serenity and security

This soft, 100% organic cotton baby nest gives your newborn baby a cocoon, a nest that offers a sense of security now that the whole wide wonderful world is at their feet.

Use the baby nest in a cot, crib, on visits or on holiday, or anywhere else really. Wherever you put the baby nest down, your child will sleep well.

The organic baby nest is available in 4 collections; Ribble Moss, Ribble Rose, Tiny Turnip and Diamond Stone.