A knitted activity mat for your newborn

This colourful activity mat exudes calm and purity and it is ideal entertainment and relaxation for your newborn.

Your baby's first play area is safe and made of organic cotton with a filling of recycled material. 

A fun packed activity play mat with arches

The activity play mat comes with arches that have 3 cute animals and 2 fluffy pompoms. The beauty of these arches lies in their pure form and simple design. You can easily remove the dangling elements or add other elements yourself. 

This activity play mat will take your little one on a voyage of discovery

Inside each animal is a little bell, so your little one will be pleasantly surprised every time his or her hands touch one of the animals on the arch of the activity mat. This is a great way to improve their hand-eye coordination in a playful manner. The different textures of the knitted animals and the pompoms give newborns and babies lots to discover.