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DIY screen printing


DIY screen printed tote bag: 4 easy steps

Want to get creative with your kids?
Make your own tote with an easy-screen-print-kit!

Together with Atelier Bingo we developed a print that originates from screenprinted bits and pieces put together in a wonderful collage.
This collaboration inspired us to do some simple screen printing of our own! Check out our fun little tote project below and discover the basics of screen printing and how it comes to life. 
You can also make your own greeting cards, decorate your pillow case or create something on each paper or textile item you can imagine!
Totally into screen printing and its vibrant colours? Then you should definitely check out our collection made together with the famous screen print duo Atelier Bingo?
Check it out here!


Firstly, you will need to gather all necessary tools. The most important are the screen and squeegee. With the squeegee you will press the paint through the screen. The pattern that is placed on the screen will block the paint on some parts, creating the design you want to print.
This is what you need:

• squeegee
• screen print frame
• paint
• stencil paper
• tape
• pencil
• craft knife
• a great dose of infinite imagination


 Design your own print
This is where the creativity comes in! Draw the shapes you want to print. When designing your print, keep in mind that you have to be able to cut out the shapes with a craft knife. Make a stencil for each colour you want to print.

STEP 2: Prepare the stencil
Cut out all the shapes you want to print. Tape the stencil that you want to print first to the bottom of the screen and position it on the item you want to print on.


STEP 3: Print! 
Add the ink to the screen and use the squeeguee to spread the paint over the screen. Always make vertical strokes and make sure you cover the complete stencil.


STEP 4: le moment suprême
Carefully remove the print and tadaaa, your first print is ready! Repeat this process once the paint is dry until you have printed all the shapes and colours of your design.
Hope you have lots of fun with this project! We would love to see your designs, so make sure you send us a picture. Enjoy!


Workshop with little artists!


A creative workshop with Trixie and the artists of tomorrow!

In order to celebrate the launch of our brand new collection Bingo, we invited a bunch of kids with their parents to enjoy a day filled with creativity!
The collaboration with Atelier Bingo is all about creativity and imagination. The print was made by cutting out shapes in different colours and with different drawings. These elements were carefully mixed and matched until they form a balanced collage.
We invited 15 kids and their parents to experience the process of painting, cutting, mixing and matching themselves. We met up in the wonderful Museum of Fine Arts in Ghent. To get the inspiration going, the kids took a short guided tour through the museum, exploring different works of art.

After the tour, it was time to get creative ourselves! We rolled up our sleeves and let our imagination run wild. By painting and drawing, cutting and stamping in the most bold and beautiful colours, each little artist made their own collage together with their mom or dad.
The results were beautiful! Happy faces all over the place, shimmering with pride while holding their own little piece of art. Something that had to be celebrated with yummy piece of cake and a beautiful Bingo bag filled with creative tools to continue the creative fun at home!
A big thanks to the fantastic guides, all the enthusiastic little ones and their wonderful parents for the inspiring afternoon!

Meet Atelier Bingo, our collab partner


Meet Atelier Bingo: the graphic designer duo with a distinctive style

Atelier Bingo is the young duo, Maxime Prou & Adèle Favreau. Both studied visual communication in Nantes. They now run their very own flourishing design studio in a converted factory in the French countryside, where they enjoy brainstorming, screen printing and sketching.

Together with Atelier Bingo we created our brand new print. Click here to discover the complete collection.

Get to know Atelier Bingo and their lovely dog Donut in the interview below!

Who are you?
Maxime Prou& Adèle Favreau, 2 artists & illustrators.

Where does the name ‘Atelier Bingo’ come from?
Our name comes from the game of chance, in fact
we work by superimposing the colours, by exchanging between drawings and the computer screen. There is always a time when “bingo”: we agree on the image we need!

How did it all started?
We met in 2007 during our studies in visual communication in Nantes. We then set up our first experience in publishing and graphics in Paris before settling in a small village in Vendée. This radical change of environment marks a decisive turning point in our journey. We then decided to collaborate hand in hand and create Atelier Bingo.

How did you end up in a small village in the countryside?
After graduating, we moved to Paris. There were 5 of us living in a 20-square meter flat and we literally just owned a backpack each. We wanted some change in our lives, with a need for space, time and peace because life in a big town is all the opposite. And then, on Christmas Day 2012, my uncle told me about his plan to renovate an old factory located along the banks of the river Sèvre. He offered us to take the smallest of them, which was about 140sq meters. When we saw the place, we immediately fell in love with it, so we accepted without hesitation!

At that time, we actually
did not know what we were going to do or create. We bought a book that explained all the steps of screen printing and started experimenting with this technique. We discovered that this technique allows us to create together, something we had never done before.

The complete factory has been rehabilitated into apartments and work spaces, that house many different artists. We’ve got our own private and spacious workspace, where we can work in peace, and we get to hang with other artists from totally different universes, which is very inspiring for all of us. It’s the countryside without the isolation or remoteness. The perfect combo for us!

Atelier Bingo’s workspace in the French countryside

How does a day in the life of Atelier Bingo look like?
We start our morning by drinking a big coffee and looking at our emails. One of us goes walking with our dog Donut for about an hour, while the other prepares the day. The afternoons are always different; we’ll do screen printing projects or go to the post office, call our clients or cut paper and find new shapes. Our most used tools are scissors and paper. We use them to make our screen prints or do digital illustrations, because those always start with us cutting paper. If we need creative ideas, we try to be bored or we experiment, go to the library, or take a trip to Paris or to the sea.

Maxime & Donut working on a moodboard

What’s your main source of inspiration?
It’s not easy to talk about our inspiration, as it comes from everything and nothing at the same time; the 50s, walks in the forest, graphic experiments, music, handicraft, and colours in general!

There are some artists in particular that influence our work. Matisse, for example, is a very big inspiration for us — his colours, compositions and shapes are incredible and so poetic. We also love Poliakoff, Picasso, and Shirley Jaffe. We have a big admiration for the Memphis movement, and particularly for the career of Nathalie du Pasquier, who’s not only anartist but also a furniture, textile, and installation designer.

As a round up, what is your best childhood memory?
Adèle: The giant ball pool in my daycare with colourful balls everywhere! I thought it was huge at the time, but I saw it again recently and it is so tiny.
Maxime: My first bike, a red BMX with plenty of white accessories!

Which creative childhood memory has influenced you and your carreer?
Maxime: Lolek & Bolek, a Polish cartoon of the 70s. I had a VHS cassette that I watched in a loop during my childhood. I loved this very naive drawing and those pop colours!
Adèle: A herbarium from my garden. It was a beautiful collection of dried and pressed plants with the most incredible shapes and colours.

Discover more of their inspiring work here!



Wonderful edition of Playtime 2018

We had loads of fun on this Playtime edition! We presented our brand new collab with Atelier Bingo, together with many other new products and collections.
The Atelier Bingo collections is already launched and available in the shops. Discover the complete range here!
To all of you that dropped by, a big thank you for your visit. Meeting you and hearing your feedback gives us a lot of energy! Discover a little sneak peak of the fair below.


Trixie • Atelier Bingo


BIG NEWS: Trixie has created a collection together with the French artist duo Atelier Bingo!

We love to join forces with extra ordinary talents! To celebrate the core for our brand, we teamed up with Atelier Bingo. This creative duo specialises in screen print collages. They create the most wonderful compositions combining beautiful colours and quirky shapes.

The result is a beautiful print with vibrant colours and crazy cut outs that tickles all senses! It is the perfect print for every little artist out there.
The different shapes resemble kid’s drawings and playful building blocks that children toss around, while letting their imagination run wild. The bold colours are perfectly in tune with the cheerful Trixie spirit.
Discover the complete range of bedroom essentials, cheerful clothing, bath and nursery products, all must-haves for a cosy mealtime and handy accessories for when you’re out and about! Or your toddler is already going to school? Check out our backpacks! We have it all covered at


Trixie at Maison & Objet


M&O was amazing!

We had the best time at Maison et Objet Paris! The last 5 days were filled with wonderful encounters with both familiar, as well as many new faces!

The reactions to the new products and collections presented were amazing. We look forward to launching all these products in the shops soon.

Have a look at our beautiful booth! We can’t show you that much though, as we presented many new items that you will discover throughout the year!

A big thank you to all visitors that dropped by! Looking forward to seeing you at Playtime Paris.

Trixie Play collection

Trixie Play collection
Trixie Play collection

Fun shapes tumbling around in the liveliest blue

Tumble, toss and totter with these fun toy blocks! These happy shapes trigger your imagination and make you want to take out your playing blocks and build the craziest constructions. This lively tone of blue gives this playful collection a fresh vibe.

Trixie Play collection - changing table
Trixie Play collection – changing table
Trixie Play Pharmacy bag
Trixie Play Pharmacy bag
Trixie Play Pacifier holder
Trixie Play Pacifier holder

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Trixie Bananas collection

Trixie Bananas baby duvet cover
Trixie Bananas baby duvet cover

Sunny yellow bananas twirling through the bright blue sky

These jolly bananas spread a cheerful vibe everywhere they go! The bright yellow beautifully complements the soft blue background. The hand drawn bananas give this collection a unique touch.

Discover more lifestyle and product pictures below.

Trixie Bananas Washcushion
Trixie Bananas Washcushion
Trixie Bananas Pharmacy bag
Trixie Bananas Pharmacy bag
Trxixie Bananas Washcushion cover
Trxixie Bananas Washcushion cover

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Trixie Sheep collection

Trixie Sheep collection
Trixie Sheep collection

A lovely meadow filled with the softest sheep

What better way to doze off than surrounded by merry little sheep! These puffy friends are enjoying a beautiful strollin their soft mint meadow. Can you count all the sheep before drifting off to sleep?

Trixie Sheep pyjama collection
Trixie Sheep pyjama collection
Trixie Sheep Pyjama
Trixie Sheep Pyjama
Trixie Sheep Wash Cushion
Trixie Sheep Wash Cushion

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Trixie Confetti Collection

Trixie Confetti collection

Confetti collection – little dots twist and curl in the warmest grey

Little dots everywhere! This new print owes its cheerful character to the twirls and curls all the little dots make together. The warm grey makes this collection fit in any interior, nicely complementing other tints or tones.

Trixie Confetti Music star
Trixie Confetti Music star
Trixie Confetti cushion
Trixie Confetti cushion
Trixie Confetti Pacifier holder
Trixie Confetti Pacifier holder

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